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Cappadocia – Water Re-sources

Update December 2008

As a follow-up of our last years research trip to Cappadocia, the aim is to now develop concrete ideas and plans for work connected to the environmental and water problems of Cappadocia and especially of Ibrahimpasa, the village where we were staying.

As a start, the participants of last years trip will present a travel report, describe our experiences and findings to all DAI students. We will continue with a group of motivated students to develop projects, find additional financing for the realization and travel to Cappadocia to realize the work and exhibit or publish the results.

The project is open for all students of the DAI.
(FG 12/08)

Upcoming project on water management in Cappadocia, a rural area in central Turkey, in collaboration with the Art-Eco Platform Cappadocia and NIHAnkara.
Project coordinator Dutch Art Institute: Florian Göttke

Cappadocia is an area distinguished by its beautiful rock formations eroded from the soft volcanic rock. Though naturally not exceptionally dry, due to the diversion of the water resources to the big cities and the lack of any wastewater treatment, water pollution has become a major problem and the sustainable management of the resources an immediate necessity. A number of local and international organizations are starting to address these problems.

In June a group of students of the DAI will travel to Ibrahimpasa a small town in Cappadocia to familiarize themselves with the area and the underlying problems. In a later stage we will contribute to the awareness campaign to support the efforts to create a sustainable solution for the water management of the region.

DAI presentation of "Water Re-Sources Project" in Cappadocia
and a conference by Florian Göttke "Between the Social and the Political - Recent Developments in Dutch Public Art"

NIHAnkara (Netherlands Institute for Higher Education) and KozaVisual invites you to the presentation of "Water Re-sources" project which is being conducted by Dutch Art Institute (DAI) in Cappadocia and a conference by the project coordinator Florian Göttke "Between the Social and the Political - Recent Developments in Dutch Public Art".

Participants and Coordinators: Florian Göttke, Rebecca Sakoun

DAI students: Hidenori Mitsue, Renaldi Zefi, Marina Tomic, Ljubica Cvoric, Suzanne van Rest

Date: 13 June 2008

Time: 18.30hrs

Place: Netherlands Institute for Higher Education (NIHA)
Koza Sokak No: 111 Gaziosmanpaşa Ankara
Tel: 0312.4373347 / 0312.4463413