Gerco Lindeboom

Sound Performance


De ‘Sereta Futurista’. Ateliers 93 . 19/03/2005.

Neo-futuristic performances supervised by Felix Kubin.



A datatraffic based sound piece with vocals by the Drienerloos Vocal Ensemble.

‘Art has to be an expression of the fast lane of modern life, of the confusing and intoxicating complexity of its impressions and sensations…’

This is just one of the remarkable propositions from Marinetti’s Futuristic Manifest. (1909)

Dynamics and speed became the basic terms for the futurists. They proclaim them to be the most important values of the arts.

Artists get a new task; renewal is the main message. A new art concept is born: the avant-garde or vanguard - all rusted principles had to be questioned and attacked.

The sound of machines were considered as a new form of music: technique, for the Futurists, was the main symbol of speed and progress and life itself.



Trying improvise to or to imitate the sounds of datattraffic, digital or analog, is ofcourse a huge challenge for a classic ensemble.

Fortunately the DVE reacted very enthusiastic to the challenge. Click on the stills to get an idea about the tryouts.

Due to the very busy program of both sides we didn’t have the time to follow up on the tryouts. Though everybody was interested and had fun there was too little time to prepare this performance in time for the Serata Futurista.



For the further implementation of the project I contacted Jeroen Kumeling, Enschede FM and initiator of SOUNDLAB, live experimental sound broadcasts on the radio and internet, 4 times a year.
At the particular date of the workshop and performances timewise it wasn’t possible but all participants to the project were very enthoustiastic and the proposal may in the future still be realised.

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