Monument for Newton

The project came to life through initiative of three students of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the University of Twente. They wished to comission an art work inspired by the work and person of Isaac Newton, the 18th century scientist who laid the theoretical foundations for their field of study.

The Dutch Art Institute is happy to enter this collaboration with the Mechanical Engineering Department and contribute their expertise to the campus community. The Arts Council of the University of Twente is very positive about the initiative and supports the project generously.

The project is planned to be realized in a close collaboration between the students of the Dutch Art Institute with the students of the ME Department. The technical students will follow the development of the proposals closely and will give conceptual advice as well as help in the technical realization.

The project will be launched on Thursday 22 of March with an introduction into the life and work of Isaac Newton, a statement of the starting points and aims of the project and a tour through the department. The presentation of the proposals is planned for October 2007, at which time a selection will be made for further realization in 2008.